Filing a bankruptcy or getting a modification approved by your bank are the solutions that will offer you the most success and least cost IF you want to keep your house. Modifications can be difficult to get through if a sale date is issued, but it is possible. A bankruptcy can stop the Foreclosure Sale of your house. I suggest you start the bankruptcy process right away. This way if the bankruptcy will not work, I will have time to see if the options I can offer will work for you.

I can also stop the foreclosure without bankruptcy or modification in many cases.

We also can purchase your house regardless of the condition of the house.

These are the solutions I can offer you:

  1. We have people that may refinance your loan.
  2. I can buy your house and rent it back to you.
  3. I can buy your home and give you plenty of time to relocate. I can also give you money to relocate.
  4. Answers about bankruptcy or loan modification if that is your best option.

I have helped over 219 home owners in your situation avoid foreclosure.

Please call Gary Parker at 801-382- 9199 today.